Anti theft Crossbody Sling bag,Shoulder Backpack,Lightweight Chest Daypack

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This Anti-Theft Sling Bag is super stylish and practical.
Anti-Theft Lock protects your stuff from strangers
High-quality materials make the look and feel exceptional
Scratch-proof material prevents wear marks
Water-repellent and drop-resistant material keeps your stuff always dry
The hidden card pocket is handy and secure
The 3.0 USB connector makes it easy to charge your phone (power bank not included)
Breathable honeycomb material keeps from sweating and is comfortable to use
Minimalist and simple design. Available in 3 colors, choose your favorite!
Size: H33cm* L16cm* W9.5cm(13"* 6.3"* 3.7"),large main zippered compartment is compatible with 9.7 inch ipad.
Capacity: Meet your daily need, enough space to hold a water bottle, clothes, iPad, notebook, umbrella, etc.
Adjustable Strap: You can according to your need to adjust the length
How to set it?
Open the lock(the original lock is 0-0-0)and release the zipper heads
Press down the reset button with a tool such as a Pen until hearing the "Click"
Set your number combination by turning the dials for examples:8-8-8)
How to charge?
this connector is located on the side of the sling bag.
Open the charging port and set a 3.0 USB cable to connect your phone outside.


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