Boot and Shoe Dryer, Glove Dryer, Portable Adjustable Rack, Folding Design, Quick Drying for Shoes, Gloves, Hats, Socks

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1. Do not cover the ventilation holes in the rear of the machine. The ventilation holes are the air intake channels when the machine is working inlet, if these holes are blocked, it may cause the machine not to work properly or damage the machine.

2. Insert the plug into a 110V power outlet, and the dryer is standby state.

3. Adjust the position and length of the rack, put the shoes on the vent outlet, press the red "DRYING" button (the drying indicator light is on), the dryer will automatically enter the drying mode for 20 minutes. Press the "+" button to increase the running time by 5 minutes, press the "-" button once to decrease the running time by 1 minute, and press the red "DRYING" button again to turn off the drying.

4. Reservation function: press the reservation "TIMER" button, the digital display will be flashing, and the default appointment time is 6 hours. Press the "+ " button to increase the reservation time by 0.5 hour ( half an hour). Press the "- " button to reduce the reservation by half an hour.

Note: The reservation function is only available when you press the reservation button and the digital display flashes.

5. If you need to shut down in the middle, just press the button in the corresponding state again.

6. After the work is finished, the machine enters the standby state.

7. After use, please unplug the power plug.

Safety Precautions

1. Check the cord before use to avoid shock and potential fire hazard.

2. Choose the correct power outlet. (110V 50Hz AC)

3. Avoid sunshine and other heat sources to prevent the dryer discoloration.

4. DO NOT USE in the bathroom.

5. Do NOT dry the freshly washed shoes.

6. DO NOT WASH OR SUBMERGE dryer to avoid it broken.

7. DO NOT VIBRATE OR HIT the dryer.


9. DO NOT allow the dryer to inhale debris (sand, rocks, etc...).


11. Keep dryer away from combustible items such as paper, fuel, etc.

12. Keep away from children and pets.

13. Only dry footwear with the racks in the correct position.

14. The dryer is suitable for intermittent use, and the continuous working time should not exceed 120 minutes.

Package List:

1x Footwear Dryer

1x User Manual


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