Broom Stick Wall Holder

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1) 5-position wall organizer for handled tools

2) Rolling balls automatically adjust to each handle's thickness and grips it securely

3) Easy release by lifting the handle

4) Each ball holds up to 7-1/2 pounds of weight

5) Compact sizing and clean design

6) With 2 pull out hooks for hanging items

7) Made of high quality ABS plastic

8) Can holder:

-Cleaning tools: broom, mop, laundry bar, clean ball, laundry brush, bath brush, etc.

-Hardware tools: axes, hand saws, flashlights, wrenches, garden shears, iron scissors, screwdriver, hoes, shovels, spades, etc.

-Sports equipment: badminton rackets, tennis rackets, table clubs, golf clubs, baseball bat, grip, ball pump, vertical fishing rod, etc.

-Kitchen utensils: knives, cutting boards, spoons, spatula, cleaning ball, bottle opener, pot brush, etc.

9) Size: 443x65x71mm

Product Category: Bathroom & Washroom Supplies/Shelves


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