Microfiber Mop Cloth Home Bathroom Mops Floor Cleaning Tools

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  • 1. The water spray mop has strong decontamination ability.You can spray water when mopping the floor, so that the stains on the floor at home can be easily cleaned, and you can enjoy every day at home
  • 2. Mopping the floor without bending over, lightweight material design, mopping the floor without bending over, cleaning the whole house is effortless
  • 3. It can clean different floors and deal with all kinds of floors, clean and stress-free
  • 4. Detachable and convenient water tank, can add disinfectant, floor wax, etc.
  • 5. Spray cleaning, bid farewell to bacteria, strictly control the amount of water, atomize within 0.1 seconds, and dry after dragging, let the floor say goodbye to the trouble of damp and moldy

Mop head floor mop lazy mop

Features: environmental protection
Handle type: extendable
Mop head material: synthetic cloth
Pole material: steel
Component Type: None
Dehydration rate: 80%-90%
Number of mop heads: 1
Wring method: folding
Material: Microfiber Fabric
Weight: <;2kg
Absorption: 20-30 seconds
Type1: water spray mop
Type2: lazy flat drag
Package Included:
1x mop
1x rag
1x scraper



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