Mini Cooling Fan 900ML

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Upgraded personal air conditioner and rapid cooling:
The latest portable air cooler integrates a table fan, air cooler,
mist humidifier and air circulator.
The small evaporative air cooler cools you in the hot summer
and can add ice water or small ice cubes to quickly cool the hot air around you,
humidifying the air in the dry fall and winter.
Ultra quiet and adjustable wind speed and sprays:
The air cooler can work efficiently in low noise, it will not cause noise pollution.
There are 3 wind speeds and 5 caliber sprays (3 spray modes) to choose from.
You can manually lift it down to adjust its
blowing direction to meet your different needs.
This small AC unit has a built-in adjustable warm LED light,
which has 7 soft colors and 1 fade option in total,
can be used as a bedside lamp, dining table, or coffee table to create a romantic atmosphere!
3 automatic timing set (1/2/3H),
you can choose the most suitable one to enjoy your free time, sleep, or work time.
Portable design and energy saving:
There is a portable handle, USB air cooler can be easily moved anywhere you want.
The portable fan works with low energy consumption,
just connect the USB cable to the devices that support the USB port.
(Please note that it needs a 5V/2A input current to operate high-level wind and spray).
Warm Tips: 1. For fog sprays to work better,
Do not use clean water, use tap water and mineral water.
2. THIS IS NOT AN AIR CONDITIONER! It is a personal evaporative cooler,
it can’t make the room cool, but it’s much cooler than the fan.
You have to sit in front of it to gain any benefit from the cooling air.
3. When the water runs out, the fan continues to run to keep you still cool.
Input: 5V 2A
Power 10W
Interface type: USB Type C


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