Pro-Wax 100 Professional Wax Warmer Hair Remover

  • Wax warmer for cosmetic studio and at home: the waxing set, which is suitable for professional beauticians and home users. The wax oven for hair removal is very suitable for women, such as eyebrows, armpits, arms, back, legs, and men's chest, and bikini area. It is comfortable and painless to achieve amazing hair removal results in cosmetic studio quality from home to maintain a beautiful and long-lasting smooth appearance, save time and money
  • 100% natural wax beads: the wax machine contains natural wax beads gently, to prevent allergies. When using it, you only need to apply wax beads to the body part and pull carefully, it will easily remove the hair if you cannot consume the liquid wax at once, leave it in the wax pot, continue to heat, and use it next time you need to remove hair
  • Unique design and avid damage: the wax warmer with transparent plastic cover, so you can observe the situation about the melting of wax beans, accelerate the melting of wax beans, prevent dirt, and install the wax warmer, removable pot, it has a plastic handle, easy to disassemble, convenient and practical, the wax pot with iron holder, the wax spatulas can scrape off excess wax liquid with the iron holder. fall fall avoid
  • Adjustable temperature and easy to store: the wax warmer for women with adjustable temperature, and overheating temperature protection function, it is safe and convenient to use, the wax kit diameter is 6.3 inches, the height is 5.5 inches, the wax pot volume is 500 ml, depth is 2.5 inches, small size, easy to store and carry, easy to clean, it can be reused after cleaning
  • What you get: The wax device contains a wax pot, 4 packs of natural wax beads, and 10 pieces of wooden spatulas. It is an ideal tool for hair removal. It is perfect for men and women, it can be reused many times to keep the appearance smooth after multiple use. Random color of wax beans


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